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How To Choose The Right Document Storage Company

Don’t Choose Any Document Storage Company Until You’ve Asked Them These 12 Critical Questions


  1. What steps do you take to ensure that my stored documents will be safe?
    Document security should be the number one priority of any document storage company. If you’re considering a mini-storage unit rental or a moving and storage company, ask them how they intend to protect your documents.

Paper Tiger- We offer the highest level of security. Our buildings have an alarm system and motion detectors. Our doors are always locked and pass-card entry is required to gain access to our entrances and to the storage area. So you can be sure that no unauthorized personnel will ever have access to your records.

  1. Do you use a third party to run criminal background checks and random drug-tests on all your employees?
    There are some people that should never have access to your confidential information. Ask your prospective storage company to name the organizations they use to run criminal background tests and random drug tests, and ask for proof that all their employees have passed these tests.

Paper Tiger- We offer documented proof that all our employees have completed pre-employment criminal background checks as well as on-going random drug tests.

  1. Do you offer a Document Security Guarantee?
    If your documents fall into the wrong hands while another company is storing them, you’ll want to make sure they have insurance to protect you against all your loses. Sadly, most storage facilities offer no insurance protection against these loses.

Paper Tiger-We’re the only company that offers a Document Security Guarantee. Simply stated, we guarantee 100% reimbursement of ALL documented loses, if your confidential information falls into the wrong hands while under our care.


  1. Will I have access to my files, 24/7?
    Some storage companies only give you access to your documents during normal business hours. If your organization sometimes needs emergency access to stored files, you’ll want to make sure you can get to your records anytime you need them.

Paper Tiger- We offer 24/7 file access and an emergency service guarantee. Your records will be ready for pickup within 30 minutes or delivered to your door within 2 hours, anytime day or night…guaranteed!

  1. Do you offer same-day delivery, at no extra charge?
    Next day delivery is the service standard offered by most other full-service storage companies.

Paper Tiger- We don’t think you should have to pay extra just to get your files delivered on the same day you request them. Place your order by 11:00 AM and we’ll provide same day delivery at no extra charge.

  1. Will you keep track of my files and notify me when they no longer need to be retained?
    Most document storage companies have no system in place to notify their clients when certain documents have outlived their usefulness and no longer need to be retained.

Paper Tiger- We don’t think you should have to pay to store outdated files. That’s why we keep track of your files and notify you when they should be destroyed.

  1. Do you offer a money-back guarantee?
    When you’re trying a document storage facility for the first time it’s important not to get trapped in a long-term commitment. Ask any prospective document storage company if they offer a money-back guarantee.

Paper Tiger- We offer the area’s only 6 Month Money-Back Guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with our services, for any reason, we’ll refund 100% of your storage fees, no questions asked.


  1. Are your facilities “natural disaster-ready”?
    Many storage facilities use metal construction that can’t withstand heavy winds and natural disasters.

Paper Tiger- We exceed county standards with reinforced construction that can withstand winds of up to 90 miles an hour.

  1. How often do you spray your storage facility for pests?
    Pests and insects such as rats, roaches and spiders can destroy your stored documents. That’s why it’s important to choose a document storage company that sprays their entire facility and not just the common areas.

Paper Tiger- We use a monthly pest control service to spray every inch of our facility.


  1. How much will it cost to store and deliver my files?
    Mini-storage facilities usually charge you more to store documents than full-service storage facilities and the do not offer file delivery service. Storing documents with a moving and storage company can be less expensive, but their file delivery charges are often much higher. Ask any document storage company you may be considering to give you a list of their charges, in writing.

Paper Tiger- Many people are surprised to learn that our storage prices are not only comparable to Moving & Storage facilities, but actually 30% less than the typical “no-service” mini-storage facility. Our delivery prices are the lowest in the area. File retrieval is only $1.50 per record and delivery charges are as little as $4.50.

  1. Do you offer free records intake?
    Record storage companies typically charge up to $3.50 per box to input your files into their system.

Paper Tiger- We’ll pick up your initial load of boxes and barcode them into our system…all for free.

  1. Will you shred my outdated records for free?
    When your records have outlived their usefulness, all other full service document storage companies charge you to have these records shredded. That can cost up to $8.00 per box.

Paper Tiger- We provide free shredding of outdated stored boxes for all our record storage customers.