Medi-Waste Disposal
4201 Lowell Circle,
Lincoln, NE 68502

Toll Free 855-4 RED BAG

Local 402-261-4157


Q. Do you have flexible pickup schedules?
A. We don’t make you work around our schedule like the National Waste Disposal Companies. We have flexible pickup schedules that meet your needs, not ours.

Q. Do you charge for containers?
A. Although many of our competitors DO charge for containers, ours are always free.

Q. How about bags and boxes. Is there a charge for these items?
A. Again, our competitors do have an additional charge for bags and boxes, but ours our free.

Q. What is your annual price increase?
A. We do not raise our prices for the term of your agreement. (Our competitors increase their prices by as much as 18% per year. So at the end of a five year agreement you can be paying more than twice as much as your initial price quote.)

Q. Are there any additional charges or hidden fees?
A. Unlike our competitors that charge extra for containers, bags and boxes, and then slap you with pickup fees, fuel surcharges AND “energy fees”…there are NO additional charges with Medi-Waste Disposal. We provide one all inclusive price, with no additional charges and no hidden fees

Q. What is the term of your service agreement?
A. Our service agreement is for three years, unless you prefer a five year agreement like our competitor’s offer.

Q. Does your service agreement have a termination clause?
A. We work hard to provide the best service at unbeatable prices. But if you’re not happy with us, for any reason, you can cancel our agreement with 30 days notice. (Most of our competitors don’t offer any termination clause.)

Q. Do you charge a penalty if we terminate our agreement?
A. Although some of our competitors charge a termination fee of 50% of the remaining value of their service agreement if you choose to cancel, we never charge any termination fees.

Q. Do you offer training for our employees?
A. Yes. We offer blood-borne pathogen training and DOT Hazardous Materials training for your staff.

Q. How environmentally-conscious is your medical waste disposal process?
A. Currently our medical waste disposal process is just as environmentally-conscious as our competitor’s process. However coming this fall we are converting to a Green Waste Disposal Process that also shreds medical waste. This extra step reduces landfill by 75% - 80%.

Q. Do you keep medical supplies on your trucks?
A. Yes. We carry many medical supplies right on our trucks.

Q. If we purchase medical supplies from you, do we need to buy the whole case?
A. We don’t make you buy the whole case. We can “break a case” and let you buy in smaller quantities.

Q. Do you maintain your manifest?
A. Yes we do.

Q. What happens if we lose a copy of our manifest? Can you provide another one?
A. Yes. If you lose your manifest you can log on to our website and download a copy or contact us and we’ll email one to you.

Q. Do you offer other services for medical facilities like ours?
A. Yes. Our parent company (Paper Tiger Shredding) provides document shredding and records storage and imaging services to Nebraska and Iowa medical facilities of all sizes.

Q. Are there any discounts if we choose one of your other services in addition to medical waste disposal?
A. Yes. We can give you a combo price that can save you as much as 50% on these services.