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Medical Waste Disposal Options

When choosing a medical waste disposal company you have two options. You can choose a national medical waste disposal company or a local company like Medi-Waste Disposal. Here are some of the advantages we feel we have over our national competitors on two critical factors, service and price:


  • Flexible Pickup Schedules- We don’t make you work around our schedule like the National Waste Disposal Companies. We have flexible pickup schedules that meet your needs, not ours.

  • Immediate Response- Their national call center usually can’t help you right away. We provide an immediate response from one of our local customer service reps and a solution within 24 hours of your request.

  • On-Time Service or Your Pickup Is Free- If we fail to service your medical facility on your regularly-scheduled day, your pickup is FREE!

  • 30 Day Agreement Cancelation Option- We don’t think you should hold clients to a contract if they’re not happy with your service. That’s why all our agreements include a 30-day cancelation clause.


  • Guaranteed Lowest Price With No Hidden Charges- Their prices are 10% - 25% higher for the same services and that’s not counting all their other fees like fuel surcharges, energy fees, stop fees and bag, box and container fees. With Medi-Waste Disposal everything is included in our price quote which we guarantee will be the lowest price, with no hidden charges.

  • No Price Increases During The Term of Our Agreement- They raise their prices every year by as much as 18% per year, every year. That means you could end up paying more than double your initial price quote. We guarantee in writing that we won’t raise your prices during the term of our agreement.

  • Combo Pricing- We also offer AAA NAID Certified on-site shredding (the highest security available) as well as records storage and imaging services thru our parent company Paper Tiger Shredding. Choose any two of our services and we’ll give you a “combo price” to save your medical facility even more money.

How Medi-Waste Disposal Stacks Up To The Competition
To see how Medi-Waste Disposal stacks up to our national competitors, click here to download a copy of our Comparison Checklist.