Medi-Waste Disposal
4201 Lowell Circle,
Lincoln, NE 68502

Toll Free 855-4 RED BAG

Local 402-261-4157


My Pledge To You

  1. Better Service
    With flexible pickup schedules, immediate response from local service reps and our “on time or your pickup is free” service guarantee, our customer service is simply better than any of our competitors.

  2. Lower Prices
    Our prices are not only 10% - 25% lower than our competitor’s prices, we guarantee we won’t slam you with hidden fees or raise your prices at any time during the term of our agreement.

  3. Greener Waste Disposal
    We are the only medical waste disposal company in the state with hi-tech “green” waste disposal equipment that shreds waste at the end of the process, which reduces landfill by 75% - 80%.


Tom Funke
Medi-Waste Disposal
A Paper Tiger Company