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Our Waste Disposal Process

Finally! A Medical Waste Disposal Process That Can Actually Reduce Landfill By 75% - 80%

All medical waste disposal companies brag about their environmental record, but the truth is, the autoclave process most of these companies use to safely dispose of medical waste also adds to our landfill problem.

Medi-Waste Disposal is different. Our new hi-tech green waste disposal equipment will shred medical waste at the end of the autoclave process. Taking this important extra step significantly reduces the size of the medical waste and in turn, reduces landfill by 75% - 80%.

Green Autoclave Process Comes On Line Fall 2012

Here’s how the Green Waste Disposal Process works:

  1. A certified driver picks up medical waste at your facility

  2. Waste is securely stored on the truck or van

  3. At the end of the route medical waste is brought back to the processing plant

  4. Materials are placed in the autoclave, where heat, pressure and steam sterilize the medical waste

  5. Sterilized materials are then shredded to reduce the size of the waste by up to 80%

  6. Materials are transported to the landfill

  7. All reusable containers are sanitized