"We used to use individual shredders that everyone kept at their desk, but that got really messy. With Paper Tiger all we have to do is toss the documents into the security bin and they come and pick it all up."

Jamie Douglas,
Douglas Bookkeeping Service




“It’s important to us that our confidential materials are shredded on-site, because that’s what our bank examiner requires…and Paper Tiger does that. They do an excellent job!”

Marv Penning,
Tri-Valley Bank




“On-site shredding is important to us because it eliminates the possibility of something getting lost or misplaced as could happen if it was being transported by a company that shreds at their own plant. I have all the confidence in the world that Paper Tiger is handling our information in a secure manner.”

Roger Claussen,
Commercial State Bank




“Paper Tiger Shredding takes their business very seriously, which is important to us because we have medical records and confidential information. If you’re a medical facility and you’re thinking about hiring a shredding company, I would highly recommend Paper Tiger Shredding.”

Gerry Theisen,
Family Medical Center




“We used to rent a huge industrial shredder and it would take us 2 - 3 days to shred everything. Paper Tiger Shredding is not only a lot more convenient and it’s also less expensive than renting the industrial shredder.”

Shari Marsh,
Thermo King




“We feel good knowing that we’ve tightened up our information security by using Paper Tiger Shredding. We love the service!”

Cindy Hohl,
Wahoo State Bank




“We were using another shredding company, but we weren’t really happy with them. They gave us a schedule for pickup, but you never really knew if they were going to come on our scheduled day, a day later or even a week later. Paper Tiger is absolutely more reliable. They come when they say they will and if we need anything extra, they’re always willing to go out of their way for us, whether it’s providing extra bins or even an extra pickup, they’re willing to work with us.”

Stephanie Hollman,
Crete Area Medical Center




“When we calculated the employee cost to do our own shredding and the maintenance cost on the shredders, we realized that Paper Tiger was not only a more secure option, but also a much more cost-effective solution for us.”

Dennis Grebert,
Bank Iowa




““Paper Tiger’s price is competitive and their service is great! I’ve even recommended them to other people.”

Kent Claiborne,
Great Western Bank




“We used to use expensive, high-end shredders, but they were always jamming up. We spent more time cleaning them out than we did using them. Paper Tiger has provided excellent service and they shred everything right here in our parking lot.”

Jim Kubik,
Pawnee County Community Hospital




“Paper Tiger’s customer service is top notch. If we need something right away they’re there. They go out of his way to work the extra hours to make sure their customers are taken care of. And that speaks volumes. Other vendors I’ve dealt with in the area just can’t match it.”

Jerry Peterson,
Ameritas Financial Services