Q: Why should I use a shredding service instead of our office shredder?
A: When you consider employee wages and benefits, then factor in depreciation and maintenance costs on your shredder, it costs (on average) about $95 per month to operate an office shredder. That can cost you almost twice as much as our shredding service…and cost isn’t even the most important reason to dump your office shredder. (For the complete story click here.)

Q: What types of shredding services do you offer?
A: We offer one-time (bulk) shredding, scheduled route service and “on-call” route service. (To see a step-by-step review of our shredding processes, click here.)

Q: How does the shredding process work?
A: We offer only highly secure, on-site shredding. All your confidential materials are shredded on our mobile shredding trucks, at your facility.

Q: Can I witness the shredding process?
A: Yes. You can witness our on-site shredding of your materials via the monitor located on the side of our trucks.

Q: How much do you charge for your services?
A: It depends on how many confidential documents you need to shred. However most people are surprised at how inexpensive our shredding services can be. Call us for an exact quote.

Q: Why don’t you charge by the minute, like other shredding companies?
A: Think about it. When you pay by the minute, you’re actually giving the shredding company incentive to move slowly. Our high-tech equipment can shred up to 8,000 pounds per hour or approximately four times faster than our “pay-by-the-minute” competitors. That means we can service a lot more customers per hour than the other guys and pass the savings on to you.

Q: What types of security containers do you provide?
A: We offer a 64-gallon and a 32-gallon Executive Console.

Q: Do you charge for the security containers?
A: If you choose our regularly scheduled service option, then we will provide security containers to you at no cost.

Q: What can we put in the security containers?
A: You can put any color or type of paper, paper clips, staples, rubber bands, labels and file tabs into our security containers.

Q: How can I tell if my confidential materials will be secure with you?
A: Our on-site shredding is the most secure process available, so secure in fact, we have been awarded the highest security rating, “AAA Certified” by NAID, the National Association for Information Destruction.

Q: What is NAID?
A: NAID is a non-profit association dedicated to the advancement, professionalism, and high ethical standards of the information destruction industry. They act as an independent auditor, checking a shredding company's compliance in 22 critical areas, including everything from shred size to employee background checks. To learn why you should choose only a NAID AAA Certified shredding company, click here.

Q: Do you offer any documentation that our materials have been shredded?
A: Yes. Once your documents have been shredded we issue you a Certificate of Destruction for your records.

Q: Do you recycle?
A: We recycle 100% of the paper that we shred, but we do a lot more to help our environment than just paper recycling. For more information click here.

Q: I’m still uncertain. How do I know which shredding company to choose?
A: For more information about how to choose the shredding company that’s right for you, including 10 revealing questions you need to ask before making your decision, click here.