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Document Security

We know that when you turn your records over to a storage facility, the security and confidentiality of these records is your biggest priority. That’s why we’ve taken the following steps to ensure that your confidential information will never be compromised.

Key Card Access- All entrances and exits, as well as the storage area are always locked, even during normal  business hours. Access is granted only to authorized personnel through our key              card access system.

Alarm System & Motion Detectors-These hi-tech systems protect our storage facility and your records from intruders, 24/7.

Employee Background Tests & Drug Testing- We don’t just hire anyone and give them access to your records. All applicants must first pass a rigorous background check and drug test prior to              employment, and then submit to random, on-going drug tests throughout the term of their              employment. Additionally, all our drivers wear a uniform and photo ID badge at all times.

Access Authorization List- This contains the names of all the people in your organization that are allowed to have access to your files. We do not under any circumstances give file access to              anyone who is not on your list.

Insurance Protection- In the highly unlikely event there is any misuse of your confidential information while it is under our care, we provide added layers of protection for our clients with               $3,000,000 of general liability insurance, as well  as errors and omissions insurance.

Document Safety

Document safety is just as important as document security. The records storage company that you choose must provide a safe environment for your files. Here are the steps we’ve taken to insure the safety of your confidential files.

Climate Controlled Storage Area- Mold and mildew can be a big problem for your records if your storage facility is not kept at the proper temperature. That’s why all our storage areas are climate              controlled, 24/7.

Natural Disaster Ready- We exceed county standards with a reinforced construction that can withstand winds of up to 90 miles an hour.

Pest Control- Unlike mini-storage facilities that just spray the common areas, our monthly pest control service covers every inch of our storage area. So you’ll never have a problem with pests              getting into your records and destroying irreplaceable information.