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Records Storage Tips

It’s absolutely essential to adhere to a strict set of standards, so that you can quickly access your files when you need them. Here’s a list of document storage “Dos and Don’ts” that anyone can use to bring a little order to their storeroom.


  • Label only one side of each carton (front)
  • Leave at least 2 inches of space inside each carton when packing
  • Use new cartons manufactured specifically for file storage
  • Turn all files in the carton toward the front for easy access
  • Place a unique number on each carton (front only)
  • Label tabs on each file
  • Assign a destruction date


  • Overfill cartons
  • Mix different types of records in the same carton
  • Put files in upside down
  • Reuse copy paper or grocery store cartons
  • Use rubber bands around files
  • Use hanging file folders inside cartons