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Records Management Services

No matter the size of your organization, we can provide both the storage space and the services that you need. Here’s a brief review of our services:

Records Intake
We’ll come to your office or storage facility to pick up your records and then input your files into our system.

File Indexing
At your direction we will index every box or every file into our computerized tracking system, giving us the ability to locate any file you need, when you need it.

File Retrieval & Delivery

Same Day Delivery At No Extra Charge- Contact us by 11:00 AM and we’ll deliver your requested files the very same business day, at no extra charge!

Standard Delivery-Contact us after 11:00 AM and we’ll deliver your requested files the next business day.

Guaranteed 2 Hour Express Delivery-When you’ve got to have a file, anytime, day or night, we offer Guaranteed Two Hour Express Delivery. That means if your emergency file isn’t delivered within two hours of your request,            there’s no charge for the delivery.

Guaranteed 30 Minute File Retrieval for Customer Pickup-When you need your records even faster, we guarantee that your requested files will be ready for pickup within 30 minutes of your request, or there’s no charge for this            service.

Digital Imaging
With our digital imaging services we can convert your paper records to CD or give you complete file access via secure Internet or Intranet connection. You can also choose our optical character recognition option, allowing you to search for keywords or concepts contained in your document database.

Scan On Demand
As the name suggests, our scan on demand service option gives you access to any of your records in a matter of minutes. Just identify the files you need and we’ll scan and send your files directly to you via email attachment.

Track Records Retention
Once your stored documents have outlived their value to your organization and all legal requirements have been satisfied, these documents should be destroyed. We’ll keep track of your stored records, so you don’t have to. Then we’ll notify you when it’s time to shred.

Shredding Services
We provide highly secure shredding services for our clients, right in our own facility. So you’ll never have to make arrangements with a third party to shred your confidential documents.