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How To Choose The Right Medical Waste Disposal Company

10 Questions You Should Ask Any Medical Waste Company To Determine If They Deserve Your Business

  1. Do you have flexible pickup schedules?
    Most medical waste disposal companies are not very flexible when it comes to adjusting their pickup schedules to meet your needs.

Medi-Waste Disposal offers flexible pickup schedules that meet your needs, not ours.

  1. Do you offer an “on time or your pickup is free” service guarantee?
    If your medical waste disposal company misses your scheduled pickup day, it can create problems for your medical facility. To make sure they’re never late, insist that they offer an “on time or your pickup is free” service guarantee.

Medi-Waste Disposal has an on time or your pickup is free service guarantee. If we ever miss your scheduled service day, your pickup is FREE!

  1. Can I get an immediate response from a local service rep?
    When you call a national medical waste disposal company you usually get an out-of-state customer service rep that can’t get you an immediate response to your problem.

Medi-Waste Disposal provides an immediate response from a local service rep and a solution to your problem within 24 hours

  1. Will you provide the same exact services as my current provider at a price that’s 10% - 25% lower…with no hidden fees?
    Many medical waste disposal companies overcharge you by as much as 25% and then slap you with fuel surcharges and other hidden fees.

Medi-Waste Disposal guarantees their prices will be 10% - 25% lower than the competition, with absolutely no hidden fees.

  1. Will you guarantee not to raise your prices for the duration of our agreement?
    Large national medical waste disposal companies can raise their prices each and every year, by 18% or more. If they do, by the end of your agreement you’ll be paying more than double your originally quoted price.

Medi-Waste Disposal guarantees we will never raise your prices over the term of our agreement. And if you decide to renew your agreement, we will increase your prices once and only once, by no more than 7%.

  1. Can we cancel our agreement with 30 days notice if we’re dissatisfied?
    Most medical waste disposal companies lock you into a long-term agreement then charge a substantial penalty (up to 50%) when you try to cancel the agreement.

Medi-Waste Disposal doesn’t believe in holding customers hostage to an agreement. If you’re ever dissatisfied for any reason, just give us 30 days notice and we will release you from our agreement without penalty.

  1. Do you carry the necessary permits to be compliant?
    All medical waste disposal companies are required to have a transporter permit (to transport waste) and a processing permit (to process waste). Yet surprisingly, many do not…and that can increase your liability. Insist that your medical waste disposal company provide copies of these important permits, as proof of their compliance.

Medi-Waste Disposal carries both a transporting permit and a processing permit, and we provide copies of each to all our customers.

  1. Does your medical waste disposal process reduce landfill by 75% - 85%?
    The most popular autoclave process used to safely dispose of medical waste also adds to the landfill problem.

Medi-Waste Disposal uses ‘Green Waste Disposal Equipment” that actually shreds the waste as the last step in the process. This extra step actually reduces landfill by 75% - 85%.

  1. When purchasing medical supplies, will you let us order smaller quantities or do we need to purchase the whole case?
    When it comes to certain medical supplies, you don’t always want to purchase a whole case. Yet few medical waste disposal companies will “break cases” for you.

Medi-Waste Disposal not only keeps many of the most popular medical supplies in stock, we’ll also let you purchase them in smaller quantities.

  1. Can you bundle other services like paper shredding, document storage or digital imaging, along with your medical waste disposal services?
    Most medical waste disposal companies don’t offer shredding or records management services, so that can’t offer a bundled price on these services.

Medi-Waste Disposal is owned by Paper Tiger Shredding, a company that provides shredding and records management services to hospitals and medical facilities throughout Nebraska and Iowa. That puts us in a unique position to bundle these services and save you money.